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The Portal

I am really like this app. It is a full screen browser that is easy to use with one hand, email links to friends, and allows you to specify browsers. Plus it makes a cool noise when using the portal feature.

Family Expo Tomorrow

I am going to try it out for this. We have pinewood derby races and a birthday party to go to. So if time allows, I plan on getting the family out the Community Center for the expo.

Superbowl Weekend

Go team. Which team? I really don’t care; I just hope the game is close and competitive! Sharing the game with friends or family is as important to me as the game itself.

Ice and 3 tornadoes

Burrrr. It is frigid. Found ice on the ground this morning. I went to get gas this morning and the streets were slick. The ice will melt and probably re-freeze. Please be careful driving. 3 tornadoes? Yes, I saw them from my kitchen! They were all under 4 feet tall, painting on the floor, running around, and cycling down the hall. Thank God for Ma and her soup, I will make the trek to her house for lunch and let these Texas Tornadoes get some different scenery. “No! Don’t paint the dog!” Wait, a minute, now I need to take a minute break to put out this fire!

Ok, back.


I ain’t going out for my breakfast tacos. Sorry T-n-T, too cold! It is Kiolbassa morning for me. If I had another weenie dog, I would name him Jalapeno Kiolbassa!

Hick Victoria

From the many thought provoking, book reading, and considerate commenting I would take exception of considering Victoria a hick and backwoods place. If the average Victorian is anywhere close to you relished commentators, I would say Victoria is much more intelligent than the stereotype.

Catholic School’s Week

I grateful for all the teachers that chose to take a severe salary cut and entered into Catholic education! Your sacrifice is greatly appreciated! Now if we can somehow figure out how to make it affordable for middle class families and offer a living wage for those involved in the schools! I have found some interesting ways that could work and have some thoughts of my own. It will be hard, but what in life is easy?


That is something in life that is easy! I could eat that stuff all day long. From what I head of Taco Bell and their ground beef, I think I will never have another ground beef taco supreme! If those ground beef tacos only have 50% beef in the ground stuff, at what point do you seize calling it beef and start calling it whatever artificial stuff it is? Matrix anybody?

Friends and Family

Enjoy them!