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Mr. Cold Front went away and left behind some incredible sunshine for Victoria. This past weekend was a family filled time for the triple doozies.

Given that this past cold front had made us hibernate for a couple of days, getting back out was what it must feel to be Punxsutawney Phil being pulled out of his warm abode on Groundhog’s Day. I guess the difference is that he is yanked out by some stranger and we chose to mosey around Victoria.

Here are some highlights.

It started as we climbed out of the truck to get into the mall for weighing in our pinewood car. A big grizzly man walked up beside his son and I greeted him. It was one of Victoria’s council members, Joe Truman. I told my son that this is one of Victoria’s elected officials and he needed to go and introduce himself to Mr. Truman. It was a sight to see this towering figure bend lower to meet this young boy, introduce himself, and shake hands. It led my son and me into a conversation on civics and serving the community. Thank you Mr. Truman for taking the time out of your morning to introduce yourself.

The Pinewood Derby races were very nice. Many families were gathered to see their child’s creation race down the pike. There was a loud father hooraying his child; he must have really annoyed others that were nearby. And then there was somebody’s three year old that kept trying to dismantle the barricades. I have to admit, those retractable barricades would be pretty cool to a three year old. We didn’t win the races, but we had a great time building the car together! My only recommendation is to hold the races at Academy or Victoria All Sports; I think I would have spent some money if it had been there. But where in the store would you do that? My advice, get a big tent and hold a tent sale for Boy Scout stuff or the merchandise that needs to move around. In the clothing section, build the raceway. I can imagine many of the father’s would be ringing that register. Ok, it is just an idea. BTW, my son was pictured while watching his car race zoom into 3rd place. When he saw his picture, he asked if I wanted him to autograph it. I will take his autographed picture over my Nolan Ryan ball anyday of the week!

I was fortunate to meet Angela Foster, the gymnast that puts Victoria on the map. She was helping with a birthday party for my daughter’s friend. My wife and chatted with her for awhile and were impressed with her determination and practice to excel. She was very nice, generous with her conversation, and humble. I asked my oldest son to come over and meet her and ask her questions. She seems like a good example, her parents must be very proud. I can do those flips too you know, but I think I would end up in the E.R.!

Sunday afternoon led to another venture. A good friend’s little boy’s birthday party. I think we need to get together more often don’t you think? It is something to see a bunch of children playing and having fun. If you are interested in having a party, one thing I plan on doing is renting a those bouncy things for the backyard. They range from $100 to maybe $300 for a whole day. If the families split up the cost, it can turn into a reasonable price and a very kid friendly atmosphere. Of course, my brisket will have been on the fire hours already, beer cold in the ice chest, and ribs soaked in some concoction that I make up with different spices I randomly find in the kitchen.

Super Bowl XLV was pretty good, but the chili a friend made was incredible! We had good conversation that ran the gamut from the game and commercials to prior halftime shows. I didn’t know that halftime shows before the early 80s or so were performed by college marching bands. These were before my bowl watching days. Nowadays, I watch the bowl, but it is mainly cereal and oatmeal bowls! We also chatted about Ms. Hester Prynne. They talked about some clothing line. I know, I know, the game party was with a bunch of lovely ladies, and I was the only man.

How was your Super Bowl? Did your team win? What did you have to eat? I didn't get a chance to make it out to the Family Expo, how was it?