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I was listening to Representive Todd Hunter give a speech this morning. It sounds like Texas has some pretty large items on its agenda for the next few months. Here is what I gathered:

Water is going to increasingly become an issue. Who gets to own it, how long, etc. will need to be addressed in the near future.

Redistricting will be a headache. Texas gains four seats which means Texas is growing in numbers. The headache will be where to put these seats. I don't think the Victoria area will be on the list, unless you count our suburbs of San Antonio and Houston. More and more people are heading to the metro areas and the larger ones are wanting those seats in their areas.

Of course, a big topic will be budget cuts.

What are some pressing issues that you would like to see addressed? We will likely not see an increase in taxes, what areas would be better to cut? For example, mental health and education are being tossed around at this point, are these good areas to start with or is there other areas to consider? Do you plan on contacting your State representative and senator regarding your budget concerns?