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Ok husbands

Don’t forget. Don’t procrastinate anymore. Get your tail out there and buy your wife something extra special. Some ideas for those that cannot think of anything: Pandora jewelry (Days Gone Bye downtown sells it, I think Torin Bales does too); anything from Green Brothers (customer service is great, I just got a chocolate heart from them in the mail for being a client through years and a $50 gift card no purchase required a few years ago); that locally named hush-hush store in the mall (Victoria’s Secret); McAdams Floral is a good place for floral items. Items to be wary of: a new mop; new vacuum; new dish gloves; anything from Lowe’s meant to be used on a remodel, you know those cool tools you really want and get for her because you will do a project for her; it is probably a good idea to stick away from tickets to the next: Rockets game, monster truck show, or Predator movie. However, she may want to see the New Kids on the Block. Yes, they are in concert, can you believe that? Ladies speak up, what are you wishing for from your beloved? What else should we be careful of?

Ice, ice baby

This morning on the windshield was icy. Note to self: let the truck warm up without kids in it which will save some patience for later.

A note to get things done

Sometimes it is not what you say; it is how you say it. If you want change around you, mind your manners, be gentle, and be consistent. Emotional intelligence sometimes means more than having an enormous IQ.

Sirens and sounds

Thank you Fire Station 4 for taking time to take a Cub Scout troop on a nice tour. Those engines are incredible, supper smelled great, but most of all thank you for your service to our city. We never really want to see you at our house, but we are ever so thankful when we need you in an emergency!

Tech news

Remember Atari? I played Frogger, baseball, and Pac-Man like crazy. I also remember some game that gave you a character that tried to catch items from a passing plane. BTW, if your original Nintendo has problems playing a game, the cure all is to blow inside the game and inside the machine. This always made the game play.

Random Victorianess

Ever wonder how many microwave towers we have? I have the answer because I know you were going to have trouble going to sleep tonight if you didn’t know. We have 67 towers.


I know that you didn’t really want to know this, but most Victorians heat their homes with electricity. Second most common fuel is gas.

Weather prediction

I suspect it will be cool and getting warmer and may get cool or may stay warmer. You can thank me later.

Friends and family

Enjoy them.