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Ok, so I lay down in my bed at night after saying our nightly prayers with my children. I get the “Daddy, I have a question,” more on this some other time and maybe place. Then I crawl into my bed, fold my pillow, and grab my book or iPhone. The phone is grabbed when I am waiting for my next book to get to the house. So I check Twitter and see what is going on around the globe. I find the usual. There are quotes, comments, and links. One link caught my eye regarding economic development. It was my alma mater, Franciscan University of Steubenville and its relation to development in the local community. The university has released three studies every five years regarding its local impact, here is the latest.

The university’s enrollment is around 2500 and houses students from I think all the states and a number of international countries. A university as such injects development into the local economy. As students move in from out of town, they are purchasing all the normal things like food and drink, clothes, and amusement that we all enjoy. With a university in particular comes all the jobs that are associated with this kind of establishment, community involvement, etc. For example, the university I attended has weekend conferences almost every weekend during the summer that brings in people from across the country. This fills up the city with visitors that are buying meals, beds, and the common local stuff like that jigger with the city’s or university’s seal to visiting local historical places.

These are just a few of the ways a university as such increases the local economy. Besides opening a college bookstore or university gift shop, what are some of your ideas that would attract the clientele of students from out of town into your local business?