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Yesterday, I commented on Trysta Eakin's, "The Grapevine," that in order to create a soulution, I mean solution, to economic woes, the first step is finding what the economy is trying to accomplish. Because humans are the primary actors in the economy, it is vital to answer the question, "What is man?" The answer to this question will have repurcussions that will affect the economy. So I would like to open up the discussion to my readership. "What is man?" For example, Adam Smith, the so-called "Founder of Economics," and I say "so-called" for a reason I will post at a later date, considered man to be a puppet of god. He proposed man does not really control his actions which will lead him to the idea that the "invisible hand" churns the market wheels.

So without further words by me, what is man? How does this idea of man affect the system of economics?