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Thinking ahead a few months, I am seeing myself enjoying those fantastic Victorian March and April days. It is one of my favorite seasons. Flowers will be blooming, parents pulling over on the highway to sneak their children into the sea of bluebonnets, playgrounds will be more crowded more often, kids will come home stinky from all the playground fun, the beaches will be returning to their flow of visitors, and strange objects may be seen in the sky.

I must have been about ten I guess. Growing up near the grandparents meant that we would travel down the 30 miles nearly every weekend. The grandparents always had trees to climb and larger yards to roam. On some occasions, our family would travel to our suburb of Houston and visit an uncle and aunt. I remember when they first started making their own honey. My eyes caught the beehive structures that look like see-saws and I burst into their backyard without hesitation, climb on, and begin to figure out why this playground equipment is not working like it should. Then thunder rolls out of the house, and my uncle comes racing from the backdoor screaming and waving his hands. I think to myself, “Great, Uncle E wants to see-saw with me!” You know a see-saw works much better with two people.

But he is not slowing down as he is getting closer to the playground. Nearly tackling me off the object and speeding away from the see-saw, he keeps asking if I am ok and if anything stung me. I assure him that all is good. When he puts me down onto their backyard deck, he explains those are not see-saws, but beehives. My guardian angel must have been on overtime because the thousands of bees must have figured I didn’t taste very good.

My uncle and aunt, like many in our family, are crafty and somewhat self-sufficient. On another occasion, it was windy and beautiful outside, similar to this season. We decided it was perfect kite weather. We didn’t bring a kite and there was no way we were going to go buy one either. To solve the problem, we decided we were going to make our kite.

Using thin wood pieces, glue, string, and newspaper, we created a kite from more or less scratch. This wasn’t just recycling, but an added element of reuse. Much was learned on the kite experiment and much was enjoyed flying that newspaper high in the sky!

Are there any cool crafts you created with a family member? What are you looking forward to as the weather begins to fascinate?