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Words with Friends Free

I downloaded this game on my iPhone and it has been a blast. Like Scrabble but can play remotely. Lots of fun! It makes you think, it gets you frustrated, it is addictive. “Just one word before I go to sleep,” goes through my mind as I turn the pages in my book. The book I am reading now is heavier, both in weight and thought, so I read a few pages and my eyes begin to shut and I experience that sudden jolt reaction as my book starts to fall from my hands and I catch myself before it falls to the floor.

Sex Education

In the midst of the sex liberation, people would scream that they wanted “the Church out of their bedroom.” It was never a big deal to me that the Church was in my bedroom because, well, I think God designed our bodies. After the culture rejected the Church in sexual matters, the culture went crazier with sex. From the way it looks, it is as if the culture is one big teenage boy on constant hormone that cannot control himself. Now, there is a bill before the State to teach the culture a lesson on sex. The culture has kicked out the Church from the bedroom and now invites the State into our children’s. Parents, please teach your own children the meaning of life and when appropriate how life is co-created.

the VEDC

I just graduated to the next level. With my latest induction, I learned the secret handshake that allows me into the top secret cave under 700 Main. There is an underground ritual that takes place that includes a blood oath, big fire, and the walk of Untrust. When you climb into the cave, or the “Cube of Knowledge” as we call it, you promise to say nothing of the event, what takes place, or any of the people that are present. The head person, known as Goddess Victoria, begins to sway into convulsions and let’s out some kind of mumbo-jumbo that tells her servants, “The Blinders of Hidden Works,” where to build the next business park and to etch the message in a special glass substance. Next, we walked down a long tunnel that leads right under Power St., which is where an albino monk called “Beholder of the Power,” hence the name of the street, lives. While the message given to the “The Blinders of the Hidden Works” is being translated, and this can only be done at midnight on a full moon in the middle of Glass Street, the Beholder of Power moves about in a spirit form and finally rests upon the man who is “Tuesday.” Please don’t say a word, for this is all top secret.

Tall Tales

My son and I recently read about Paul Bunyan and his mightiness. There used to be a day when stories were told that lifted up hard work, where are the contemporary counterparts of these? Where are the songs that told a story or a history? Sometimes I wonder if we traded something meaningful for something that just fills the ears with noise. Sometimes I wonder if we traded great home cooking and home economics for fast food that makes us sick and individual economics that leaves us poor in spirit. I am a progressive because I want to change this status quo of mediocrity. I am a conservative because I want to keep the old fashioned things that have been passed through every generation like marriage and family.

Friends and Family

Enjoy them.