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When something major brings you to realize the important things

Yesterday, I got a knock on my front door from a neighborhood friend. He and his family are here as political asylum refugees. Please keep them in your prayers, their father was kidnapped by guerillas. This makes me really appreciate all the work our police force does. It also makes me remember to really be grateful for all the blessings I have received.

Mr. Sunshine

I guess that could be me; at least that is what I have read elsewhere. I like it. There is something about sunshine that makes others smile, see better, bring out color, disinfects, and warms the heart and skin. I prefer Kiolbasa, but if I had to pick my favorite Jimmy Dean commercial that has the sunshine guy, I would say it is this one.

Random Victoria Fact

Something’s never change. In the January 7th, 1940 edition of the Advocate, there is an ad for different home appliances. Why should you buy the new coffee maker, dish washer, frig, electric range oven? Because they are “Youth Preservers.”

Children’s literature

I am really enjoying the shared time with my oldest son by reading “The Children’s Book of America” edited by Bill Bennett. We covered the story of Fr. Juniperro Serra and the Grand Canyon.

Nasty bugs

I have been fighting them all weak and week. Achy body, sinus congestion, headaches, fever, the works. Thank goodness for the weekend, hopefully a little rest will finish off the bugs. My wife says, “It is because I don’t exercise that I get sick.” I know better than to fall for that one!

Waltz and Two step

We enjoyed Schroeder Hall for New Year’s Eve. I hadn’t been out there in awhile, but the music was good and company even better! Sorry if we scandalized anybody at the strike of midnight!

Watch what you ask for

I recently went out to eat with my wife to celebrate. As we sat down, the waiter asked what we wanted to drink. My wife ordered a pinot noir and I asked for Johnnie Walker and Sprite. Well that is exactly what I got. I got a glass of Johnnie Walker and another glass of Sprite, exactly what I asked for but not what I intended. I guess I should have said, “I will take a Johnnie Walker with a dash of Sprite in the same glass.”


Congrats to my youngest! Pull-ups instead of diapers. Both ends are in sight! We have been buying diapers for 7 years now.

Family and Friends

Enjoy them.