Market strategy is similar to chess. The better you know how the game is played and the better you can see more moves in advance, the more likely you make the right moves that will gain you the advantage.

There will be a budget shortfall this year in the State of Texas. From what I hear it will be bad. It won’t be as bad as other places, but it will still affect many of the services that were a given in prior years. Increasing the price of fees is likely to happen as well.

My main focus is the services. With so many of the programs that will be affected, I am sure many will simply no longer exist in government subsidized form. This should ring your entrepreneurial bell or make that opportunity seeking light bulb switch on.

If the State of Texas drops its funding of certain services, it seems likely that it will not just leave a vacuum. There will still be a market for those services and rather than the state providing them, it may present an opportunity for a new company or existing company to pick up the slack. Now would be a good time to consider how a private company could fill the void. Let me use an example. I have no way of knowing if public transportation is going to be cut from the budget, this is just an example.

For the moment, imagine public transportation like shuttles, buses, subway, etc. is cut from funding. All of a sudden, there are hundreds or thousands of people suddenly needing to get to work, school, home, etc. Imagine the school system all of a sudden stopped using their buses. There would be an opening for the private sector to fill this need. Sure many will take their kids to school which would open the market for more gas stations and automotive services; walking or biking would increase so bike mechanics and sellers, shoes sales, and outdoor apparel markets would be needed, there still would be plenty of parents looking for someone to get their children to school so private sector transportation would skyrocket.

I am not trying to say it will be better or worse; I am merely suggesting that with higher unemployment numbers, a state cut in services may have some silver lining for an entrepreneurial minded person. Have you considered expanding services or opening a new business to fill the gaps of the budget shortfall?