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Increasing the tax base the old fashioned way

Congrats to a close friend. They are expecting their fifth child! Life is precious in and of itself. It brings along many secondary benefits, one of them being economical. More people, or a progressive reproductive and fertility culture, mean many things to an economy. That is more persons coming up with more effective and efficient ways of producing. More innovation as these people come together to solve problems. More consumers that will eventually purchase goods and services. I suspect more and more large corporations will begin to see that supporting other organizations that are against life is like shooting yourself in the foot! Think about it, this friend of mine has five little ones that will one day need computers, apartments, cars, education, food, amusement, leisure, and on and on.

Installation and Awards Banquet

Hard hats off to the Mid Coast Chapter of the Associated Builders and Contractors for a wonderful evening of great company, good food, good speakers, and lots of awards. The Victoria area has one of the most vibrant chapters in the nation which is a testament that smallness doesn’t mean you cannot compete with much larger areas. We are conceived and born into a relationship, you can be as large as you want, but without relationships I wish the best of luck at creating a happy workforce, company, city, state, organization. Great job ladies for another successful and fun evening!

End of education: to make a living or to have a happy life?

I have been enjoying this blog more and more. He asks a very good question. What is the end of education? Is it to make money? Is it to lead a happy life? The debate continues. Mechanical or liberal? Train to push a button or find the answer to life’s most sought after questions. How do I turn this screw, configure that program, inject the needle? Or what is the meaning of life, what am I here for, where I am going, what else is there?

Where to be educated

Something that I am sure is scaring many universities, high schools, and even elementary schools is where education is headed. Now that 2 million children are homeschooled, will this number increase? How about the internet? Nowadays you can learn anything you want to study by the click of a mouse and a close proximity to Wi-Fi. Now more than ever, all that is needed are the tools of learning. Teach the tools and you will learn anything you desire. Educational videos? YouTube is full of them. More and more so, the information is available for free and online, those with the will to look and learn can be as educated as the top of the elite schools.

Random Victorian

In an 1886 Victoria Advocate ad, Prickly Ash Bitters seems to be the end all and be all of medicines. Whether it was liver, kidney, stomach, or bowels, it cured it all. Was it the goodness of the potion or the alcohol percentage content that gave the healing? Nowadays, bitters are found at liquor stores; I will let you conclude how it worked.

Professional development

Gone are the days that you go to work for 8 hours, come home, repeat for 35-40 years and retire to a life of leisure. Will they come back? Maybe. I am not counting on it. How can you development yourself to increase your personal brand? How about using your MP3 player or smart phone. There are so many great lectures, talks, discussions that can be downloaded and played in the car while commuting to work. I recommend listening to Seth Godin’s many chats. Some are an hour, many are very short. Another recommendation, Tom Peters.

Victoria in Slow Motion

The latest VIM hit the streets recently. It has a very good article on the Diocese of Victoria Spiritual Renewal Center; hence, the slow motion. The renewal center is a great place to spend a retreat. It is quiet, away from the hustle and bustle, has a high turkey population, and oh, did I say it was quiet?

Visitors to Victoria

My mother-in-law is coming in for the weekend. I must be one of those lucky guys in the world; it has never been a problem visiting my in-laws. I have found my in-laws super easy to get along with and always look forward to their visit or ours. The food in Trinidad is delicious. After being there for a couple of days, I begin to have let’s call it “digestive problems.” What is the remedy? Angostura Bitters, it is the country’s panacea.

Friends and family

Enjoy them.