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3 years ago today, the birth of our third born, the initial face-to-face meeting with the boy that was birthed a couple of days before scheduled so that he could see the light on his patron name sake's feast day.

"Tony, Tony, turn around, something's lost and must be found?" No. That is St. Anthony of Padua. You may see him sometimes in a brown habit with a friardo and holding the Baby Jesus and Holy Writ. This Franciscan saint is the namesake of San Antonio. But the Evangelical Doctor’s feast day is another, June 13th.

How about St. Anthony of Rome? Yea, his is today. As well as the more popularly known St. Anthony of the Desert, or of Egypt, or Abba Antonius, or the Anchorite, or the Great, or Antonio Abate, or Father of the Cenobites, or Father of All Monks, or Father of Western Monasticism. This is our son’s patron.

There is pious tradition that St. Anthony of the Desert (b.251) and St. Athanasius were close buds. St. Anthony lived, well, in the desert. St. Athanasius would visit him from time to time and stay for awhile. St. Anthony became a spiritual advisor for many people. I always pray for my son’s vocation, whether it will be as a priest or religious or a married person, I hope he is called to serve as a priest one day. My mother-in-law and I both say he is going to be a priest of the Priestly Society of the Holy Cross. Regardless of his calling, he will always be loved and cherished by his family!

So, Anthony, I hope you have a wonderful birthday. Please don’t shoot the dog with that new Nerf gun!