Blogs » J.Q. Tomanek of Victoria » Get ready for "in-migration," Northerners are coming???


The South is rising again! This shall be good news for businesses south of the Mason Dixon. The South is starting receive permanent Snow Birds. The South is starting to receive more Yankees.

This one of the latest trends found in a study by UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School. According to the study, the Southern migration was found almost all the demographic areas. This will affect business in a positive way for those located in the South. This means more houses, more cars, more students, more, more, and more.

As the shift from the North to the South continues, many businesses need to start considering how to serve this market. These are people with different cultures, stories, needs, wants, etc.

The study also found other trends that I found intriguing and have been considering for awhile. Back in my graduate school days, I remember considering that Baby Boomers are soon to retire. Yes, those fountain of youth anti-wrinkle creams, Botox injections, hair dyes, etc. will increase in demand. So will other things I have in mind like fitness training aimed for this particular group. There will be special considerations for leadership development.

As many of the boomers begin to retire, they will leave open many positions including C- level suite jobs. Who will replace them? Will the promotion go to a person that has been promoted beyond his competency? Will the new promotion require one, two, or even several jobs to make up for multiple vacancies?

These are all issues many of the bigger corporations and even small businesses will have to deal with in the coming year, years, and decade. Instead of many seeking to fill one position, more than likely, the problem will be too many vacant positions. It becomes more important than ever to start developing future leaders of companies. For those younger than the Boomers and career minded, now may be a good time to consider finishing the degree, starting graduate school, or seeking some form of personal/professional development.

Have you considered enrolling in classes at Victoria College or UHV? Have you looked into professional development programs that will help you in your career mobility? Have you started to think about what services and/or goods will be needed for the Boomers or for those migrating from the North?