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That loud group

It was us. Singing, laughing, chatting, raising glasses. We had a blast. Coastal Bend supplied the music and Greek Brothers supplied the place of merriment. Familiar faces around, seeing old classmates, and catching up with old and newer friends made the evening. Coastal Bend played very well, opening with “What Hannah Means” and followed by one of my favorites, “Victoria Days.” When “Clever Lies” was heard, I was already thumping my feet, humming, and singing along which were all consistent with the group of friends around us. During one of the conversations I had, I asked how their Christmas was. It was warming to hear their children got exactly what they wanted and it brought them to tears. It was seeing their first snowfall. I remember mine in Ohio and it nearly did the same. It was 2 a.m., I went to visit a close friend that lived in a replica of the Portiuncula and I witnessed for the first time what looked like diamonds falling from the heavens. Greek Brothers was great too. Of course their mushrooms were fantastic and the crab cakes were delicious. To top it off, the band played in the piano room which was nice considering it must have been in the 30s outside.

Taco Friday

Big lines. Huge crowd this morning. I think many had the same thought I did. White stuff on rooftops means hot tacos are needed. I am still hooked on the ranchero sauce inside the taco!

A two year old turns three

The party was good. Nerf wars began and darts were found in places that I haven’t even found food before! I think the dog had the hardest time with all the commotion; he was shaking he was so nervous. “Put your hands up.” Most think this is a sign of surrender, however, to the little ones it just means more target space!

Abigail Adams

It is easy to remember our founding fathers: John Adams, Sam Adams (founding father and beer), Washington, Jefferson, et al. When these men were involved in forging a new country, they would leave behind families. Their farms still needed tending, dinners prepared, hospitality to soldiers, and all the other thousands of incredible hidden things wives and mothers do. Mrs. Adams is one such figure. She remained the bedrock of courage and faith for her family when John was away. This was just one of the many stories I recently covered with my 7 year old.

March for Life

This year it is January 24th. It is huge. 10 years ago, I was on a greyhound bus along with 700+ other peers from my university heading to Washington D.C. to walk silently on behalf of those that are silently growing in the womb. As we journeyed the march, it was normal to hear vulgarities spewed upon us, names yelled, and many angry people. The bus trip was good, although the ride home was exhausting. The university cancels classes on this day because half or more of the student body makes the trip! More to come Monday.

Coxcomb, fribble, popinjay, ninny, foppishness

Another story with my son was the reading of “Yankee Doodle.” Why would sticking a feather in your hat get you called macaroni? Well, macaroni was used to describe those men that dressed in fashion to a point that vastly surpassed normalcy. The term today is “metrosexual” I suppose. The same goes with “dandy.” Although today’s metrosexual may be able to converse in more than just appearance, the dandy was thought to be stuck in his fashion and was anti-social, or un-social, or asocial, or what was the term we were tossing around last night?


Do any of you parents know what this is about? My son keeps asking me if I have $200. What in the world would my son want this amount of money for? I am just waiting for him to say, “It is like insurance. For $200, I can assure you nobody will make a mess. I can promise you that no drawings will appear on walls. But without the $200, I cannot guarantee it.”


I am thankful for all the babysitters out there that keep kids. Whether they are grandparents, siblings, or the traditional babysitter, it is a treat for couples to get out and spend time together and reconnect knowing a trusted person will keep their children safe.

Family and friends

Enjoy them. Have a great weekend!