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I fully support the March for Life. Hundreds of thousands are marching for life this morning in Washington D.C. I remember well those years I went. Cold, misty, hours in the weather, hands frozen, feet wet, hoods on, coat bundled, sign for life in one hand, Rosary beads in the other, some are carrying caskets for each year that abortion has been legalized, others larger signs, stomach is empty but my mind is focused. 700 to 1,000 peers from a little town in Ohio and we are silent. We are in solidarity. Often times, the loudest thing to hear is silence. Silence because our fellow human persons cannot be heard.

Although the human person’s voice in the womb cannot be heard, his heartbeat can very early in the pregnancy. He can now be seen. By far the best birthday gift I have ever received is a 4D ultrasound when my wife was pregnant with my daughter. It was incredible to see her moving around as if she was trying to get comfortable. I recently was reminded of my gift when I read an interview with former Planned Parenthood director, Abby Johnson. It was her experience of helping with one abortion using ultrasound that changed her heart and mind. This is how old the baby was that she saw aborted.

Seeking to protect those that cannot protect themselves is a good and noble cause. There is no doubt that the modern day pro-life cause will be written about in history books and will be remembered in a similar fashion as the abolitionist movement. One day, students will look back and say “What were those people thinking?”

Another problem with the culture of death mindset is de-population. The trend is very difficult to sway and will end up being a much larger problem than is now being discussed. Peter Drucker saw it 14 years ago, “The dominant factor for business in the next two decades—absent war, pestilence, or collision with a comet—is not going to be economics or technology. It will be demographics. The key factor for business will not be the overpopulation of the world, which we have been warned of these last 40 years. It will be the increasing underpopulation of the developed countries—Japan and the nations of Europe and North America.” It turns out that a shrinking population has negative economic repercussions. Who would have figured???

As the years get further from 1973, pro-life numbers are growing and abortion clinics are closing. It is a math game. Could it be that pro-life families have more children? What are some of the problems you forsee with population shrinking? How long do you think it will take before the laws are overturned due to an overwhelming pro-life majority? Here is an interesting historical thought, which branch of government is supposed to make laws in America and which branch made abortion legal?