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Crowdsource discussion time. What is a niche? I am not talking about a place in a wall to hold something. Where this is a niche, I don’t think people will come to Victoria for this type of specialty. Think of the confusion this could cause. Picture this cartoon. “Victoria needs a niche so people will want to come here for what it offers.” The cartoon goes on to show a person building this gigantic wall full of small recesses so that statues could be placed in them and when he is done, he wonders where all the people are because he built niches, but it was the recess niche, not something that it is well known for offering.

However, people will know Victoria for a niche. By definition, a niche regarding what I am speaking is “a place, employment, status, or activity for which a person or thing is best fitted.” It is kinda like marketing. Non-marketing is marketing. Victoria will be known even it is unknown for something because that is what it will be known for. If I ask a random Houstonian, “Have you ever visited Victoria?” His response may very well be “What is there to do in Victoria?” In his mind, Victoria is known as a place that is not known for something.

In an earlier post, I mentioned places that it is easy for people to answer “Where should I go tubing?” or “What is the best place for brisket and sausage?” Speaking with a friend earlier another example is “Where should I go to listen to live music?”

What can Victoria offer that separates it from other places? What can Victoria be known for? Does Victoria have any strengths that can be mobilized to market Victoria? Are there new opportunities around that could make Victoria unique?

This is just my personal idea to get things going. I would love for Victoria to be the place for families, a place where when you ask yourself, “Where do I want to raise my family?” The first place that comes to mind is Victoria. Of course there could be plenty of different avenues to attract families like top rated schools, low crime, neighborhood development with the family in mind or, family amusement, etc. There are plenty economic benefits to a culture of strong families so it would help the local economy as well. This is just one of my thoughts. What are some of the things you would like to find here, some of the things you have already found and wish more of, something that Victoria could be known for?