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In my household, even a princess needs to be taught from time to time.

The scene: It is a school day morning.

I have been through the making breakfast and getting my children dressed and ready for school. Ok, I admit it. Their teachers know who to call when they arrive mis-matched.

Back to the scene. We are racing two kids out the door. Both are sneaky. The older son, runs to his room, grabs a little toy, and hides it in his bag. I am sure he is nervous the his teacher will find it. He says to me that it is show and tell day. I am pretty sure it is an unofficial and student led show and tell.

Now to the princess. She was preparing for the day. She decides that she will need a snack. A typical day, she doesn't take snacks. She hardly ever desires them. But this particular morning it was different. Those were chocolate chip cookies sitting in the snack closet. I watch her get the cookies, go to her bag, and place them in directly in her backpack. Just two cookies, by themselves, not in a baggie, in her pack. I thought to myself the scene at school, "Oh, you want to share my cookie, here I have one in my bag."

Of course, I made my way to the kitchen and grabbed a plastic baggie for her. And now I wonder. I wonder how many other snacks have been lifted and placed in her bag without proper cover. I wonder, if she has been doing this, what her teacher must think.

There is a general teacher/parent saying that was tossed around from teacher to parent when I was educating kids. It goes something like this, "Don't believe everything you hear about me and I won't believe everything I hear about you."

Have you found any treasures in children's backpack? Do you have any similar funny stories of your children that you would like to share?