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Marched for Life in Victoria

I heard a head count of 200. Including the many high school kids from St. Joseph, there were a number of young families and their children. The cutest thing was a little girl that brought her baby and a doll stroller. The bishop of the Victoria diocese spoke to the crowd at Fellowship Bible Church. His message came from an excerpt of Mother Teresa’s Noble Prize speech. During my leadership studies, I was always interested in women leadership, you know, if I am the head and my wife is the neck (“My Big Fat Greek Wedding”), I need to know where my neck is taking me. I found Mother Teresa and her courage and service to the dying in the gutters of Calcutta to be a wonderful and beautiful example of leadership. Thanks to the participants and hosts for organizing the event. Was it cold? Kinda, but I was kept warm by the hot wax that decided to run down my hand, ouch!

Pinewood Derby Season

My oldest, a cub scout, and I designed our first pinewood derby car. He wanted bright green and black to be the colors. I think he was subconsciously influenced by the hero and heroine cartoon, Ben 10. This is the toon with Ben Tennyson, his cousin, Gwen, short for Gwendolyn, and Grandpa Max take on villains for the common good. I found the Dremel to be a wonderful tool to craft the pinewood and I recommend it. I am not an affiliate marketer of Dremel products, but I should be! I foresee some cool little projects that my boys and girl and I can do together!

Random Victoria Fact

Speaking of Ben 10, a local youngster won a contest in which the grand prize was a real car replica of Ben 10’s car.

Living in fairy tale land...

This is where I live. But life isn’t fair and we don’t call fairy tales “fairy” because it is always fair, rather because those stories teach us to seek fairdom. This has not stopped the plenty of debates on morality. Everyone has a sense of fairness. We argue it in the bus, “Hey that was my seat, I was there first.” What is this other than a call to fairness? Another, “What do you mean I have to get paid less because I am a woman?” which again is a call to fairness. Where in the world does this sense of fairness come from? What do we measure this fairness to? Why do we even consider it at all? I live in a fairy tale, at least this is what I read about myself. And like fairy tales, I fight dragons. I try to save the princess. I want to rescue those that are oppressed. I desire to serve the King. Life, like in the fairy tale, is dangerous. Life, like in the fairy tale, has choices between good and bad, right and wrong, truth and lies, and ultimately life and death. It is remarkable how close fairy tales are to reality.

State of the Union

One thing I always find interesting is the president’s hair. I guess it started in high school when we watched Channel 1. Remember Channel 1? This was the news/education 12 minute or so program that we watched at the start of each day. Anderson Cooper and Lisa Ling and I am sure others had their journalism careers boosted by their reporting on this program. I think one of the most unhealthy things in life is stress. The presidents’ hair always turns from their more natural colors to grey and I wonder if it has something to do with stress. It could be that we are seeing middle aged men starting to age, but it seems consistent that as a presidency continues, their hair begins to grey. I noticed with Mr. President Obama during the State of the Union.


Not presidential appointments. New to me applications. Some of the latest that I enjoy is the iSlideShare and 8mm camera. ISlideShare is pretty nice. I used to spend some time viewing many of the different presentations that people would upload to the website and now I have it on my iPhone. 8mm camera is fun. You can shoot video and it records the footage as if it were a camera from decades ago.

The Rite

Today it hits theatres. After reading the book, I am looking forward to seeing this movie. I don’t think I will be taking the kiddos.

Family and Friends

Enjoy them.