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Denmark doesn’t like the handicapped and China doesn’t like women

This becomes a serious problem when you redefine when life begins because choosing who gets to live follows. In Denmark, if you are mentally handicapped, chances will be good that by 2030 you will not survive your first nine months. In China and India, if you are not the right sex, then you have parents that choose to unchoose you. Sad, very sad.

Pain live

You may or may remember this band some time ago. What is your favorite punk or ska-punk? I had a conversation with an acquaintance and friend a couple of weeks ago regarding ska. I always enjoyed the use of big band in contemporary genres.


The lead-singer of Pain was Dan Lord. They probably preferred to be called punk or rock, but they did have similar instruments to ska. They also did commercials for the Cartoon Network. Here it is.

Dan Lord

He was the lead-singer for Pain. I think you could say he has changed his life a little. In his own words, “Now, I’m a Roman Catholic—it says so on this dog-eared blue card in my wallet which someone is supposed to read in case I ever choke on a chicken bone or get trapped beneath a large object. “Roman Catholic,” and I mean it when I say it: a Pope-loving, no-condom-wearing, Rosary-wielding, baby-making fool of the world. I went back to college, got my undergraduate degree, then went on to get my Master’s in Theology. Along the way I got married to Hallie, and together we have spawned countless wee homunculi and built a life that has earned the disapproval of hundreds.” “Homunculi,” love it. Thanks to another Texan, Jennifer Fulwiler, for mentioning him. Cool story.

So many beaches

With living in the Coastal Bend, there are options for beaches. Rockport, Port Lavaca, Magnolia, Port A and even Corpus all have beaches that are within a quick day trip. Which do you like best and why?

Around the corner

School that is. Get ready for mass chaos on the school supply aisle. A good friend of mine in San Antonio thought of a cool seasonal business. She is buying supplies in quantity for a nearby school. You can skip the headache and just buy the kit and kaboodle from her. I would easily pay a little extra to buy pass the 45 minutes of “It says ‘2 solid colored notebooks’ but I wonder if this cool Darth Vader one will be ok? It is solid and has colors.”

Hard case lunch boxes

One of the Pain videos above shows a hard case lunch box. I had a Garfield one. What did you have?

Count down

13 days left. St. John Vianney’s feast day is August 4th. It is a good time to start thinking about a good gift for your parish priest. The Curé of Ars is the patron of priests.

Google Plus

How do you like it? Have you joined yet? Compared to Facebook, what is it missing?

What is the future of education?

Perhaps something like this. I found an article reporting that Chris Brogan gave a webinar and charged $47 a piece. This type of scenario could be the rise of a different education scenario. Imagine having the option to take an 8th grade Math course by the best Math teacher in the world. I am sure it may be expensive, but it could be an option for anyone in the world with internet access. Think about the many benefits. What are some negatives?

Friends and family

Enjoy them.