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What really goes on at Area 51. Loch Ness discovered. Big Foot caught on tape. Did astronauts land on the moon? Assassination of JFK must have been members of the Illuminati. “What is in the water, find out at 10.”

We are attracted to the hidden truth. As soon as one of the above statements is made, many lift their ears even though they know that nothing new will probably be mentioned.

Why does the mind do this? I think part of the reason is because so many cry wolf which creates mistrust. Take the Freemasons for example. Their history used to say that they were descendants of the Templars. Heck, the history channel will say the same. But when history is studied, we don’t find Templars passing on the reigns to the Masons, we don’t find Jesus celebrating his marriage to Mary Magdalene, we don’t find Galileo tortured, we don’t find millions and millions of people slaughtered by the Inquisition, we don’t have evidence of aliens behind building the pyramids. Even though so many cry wolf, it doesn’t mean wolves don’t exist. In fact, it points to the existence of wolves. The fact that some create absurdities doesn’t mean there is not actual truth. It just means that the truth is now competing with other theories. Another problem arises when absurdities are created. It also becomes more difficult to find the real cloak and daggers.