Blogs » J.Q. Tomanek of Victoria » May showers bring many hollers


Our Memorial Day weekend was filled with different family fun. Taking time to be with family and remembering that we are able to do so freely, which has been bought by the price of the blood and lives of many of our country’s defenders, is very important. Many people around the world do not have this freedom.

Over the weekend, we visited with friends that pushed their bodies to the limits by competing in an Ironman. This is an incredible physical and mental challenge and well worth celebrating. On another day, we took our family to the Shiner Catholic Church Picnic. While there, I ran into my junior high school year Theology teacher who is now a principal in the New Braunfels area. The kids had a wonderful time trying to convince us to buy them the rifle version of a rubber band gun. The little guy got a sword, I don’t know if it has left his side yet.

Also over the weekend, we gathered around the pool with another friend at the Country Club. I have to mention the place because it is important to the story. As many of you know, we have three kids. The youngest is three and is quite the rug rat. If my Grampsie was right when he called us greased roaches, then I am right to call this little guy a sebaceous blattaria.

So there we were; it was a beautiful morning by the pool. The air was hot and the wind chilled you with stepped out of the water. Conversations were womanly. I know, I know. I would have enjoyed watching the marathon war movies at home. I like the old war movies, so when Patton was on, I had bust a move on commercials to get snacks and drinks for the kids. But I digress.

As the morning reaches noon, the kids get thirsty. We get them some drinks but forgot to ask the sebaceous blattaria if he needed to release any pressure in the bladder. He snuck off to the other side of the shallow area. Just then, every kid and adult let out an enormous scream followed by hilarity. There was my son, pants pulled down for the world to see, taking aim to apparently refill the pool. It was a slow motion effect. I sprinted before the water gun was released and carried him to the bathroom.

It brought to mind another event a few years ago. This one involved my older son when he was the younger’s age. He had decided to crawl out of the baby stroller and water the La Cantera. A man walked by and informed us, “The best thing about being a guy is that the whole world is your urinal.” I cannot say that I would teach my kids this ancient fatherly wisdom; they seem to understand the saying without instruction. Thank God for our sebaceous blattaria, if nothing else, I get plenty of workouts and he keeps our humor in shape.