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Thanks Vickers Elementary

You provided a good education for our children this year. To the teachers that taught my son and daughter, thanks for taking the time, effort, and sacrifice that teaching entails. You are a hero and heroine in the eyes of many!

Flag retirement

In case you wanted to know, those old flags that get torn can be retired by your local Boy Scouts. I asked our Boy Scout chief last night and he and the scouts get together to retire worn out flags.


I am going to try to make some General’s games this summer. It should be some fun times sharing a great game with my son. Who is on first?

Joke of the Day

If humor is the best medicine, then I am not a doctor. No joke.

The Grand Finale

I have heard through the wine vine, err... I mean grapevine, that Coastal Bend’s last gig is tomorrow night at The Lost Cajun. They rocked the house last time there, so come on out and enjoy great live music and crawfish!

In vino veritas

"Wherever the Catholic sun doth shine, There’s always laughter and good red wine. At least I’ve always found it so. Benedicamus Domino!" Hilaire Belloc

In vino Victoria

Don’t forget to buy a bottle, I mean glass, when you walk those new sidewalks downtown. 77901 has a wonderful selection, comfortable chairs, high ceilings, beautiful bar, tasty cheese, light music, lots of laughter, and wonderful staff. Tell them I sent you. They will not know who I am, but it would be funny to see their reaction. Like, “Who?” No joke.

Welcome Padre

It was announced not long ago that Fr. Bob Knippenberg will be my parish’s new shepherd. Welcome Father. I promise to use the screen when I go to the box. If you hear yelling and screaming from the back pew, know it is me trying to stop my three year old from playing in the holy water font. If you hear, “That’s Jesus” as you walk down the aisle during procession, know that I am catechizing my children to understand “in persona Christi.” If you hear, “I want a cookie,” don’t worry, he will understand it is the Eucharist by the time he seven. Please feel free to correct my child if you see him walking in the baptismal font; I think he misunderstood my instruction that those waters wash away sin. Get your running shoes on, we race to the doughnuts when they are available after Mass. If you hear, “Look there is St. Joseph and there is St. Mary” be not afraid, our youngest points out all the statues and stained glass windows, at this point I don’t think they are apparitions.

Friends and Family

Enjoy them.