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What have your higher-ups done that really made you wonder, “What were they thinking?” Not in a decision, but in an action that seemed so out of place? Again, HBR’s blog has an article posted yesterday by Barbara Pachter called “How to Tell the Boss His Fly Is Down.” She goes through numerous experiences she has encountered as an executive coach.

One of the stories included a manager that took his shirt off to put on deodorant. Of course, this seems like an easy thing to do if you find a restroom. However, this guy did this before a meeting started. A second example was a guy that picked his teeth with a business card he just received from a potential client in Japan. Manners people, manners.

I chuckled out loud when I read some of these. I am sure I have had my moments, but these seem almost made-up. It brought to mind a class I had in “Global Leadership” where we studied what is expected in different cultures around the globe when it comes to leadership. Now I am curious to hear what you have seen. What are some of the behaviors of a higher-up that scratched your head and made you wonder if what you saw was real?