You know you are in Victoria Updation It has been awhile, but some fun things have happened so I thought I would do it again. You know you are in Victoria because:

  1. You hear about a draught, the need to conserve water, and drive to work seeing a fire hydrant on full blast filling the street with more water than Schlitterbahn needs.

  2. You hear there is nothing to do here and then see your neighbor create a mudding pit in his backyard for himself and friends to use with a four wheeler.

  3. Boones is considered fine wine.

  4. You need a pilot’s license to drive a truck, yea, that how tall some trucks are.

  5. You think God forgot to turn off the sauna. n.b. Yesterday’s post.

  6. It is so hot outside that heat waves escape the inside of your car when you open the door, the dog argues to go outside, you fry eggs on the pavement for science experiments, and your thermometer melts.

  7. You get confused when someone says to eat at “That new Chinese place.”

50K Congrats

We agree sometimes, disagree sometimes, and agree to disagree on others. A local blogger has reached the 50K site visits! This is an incredible feat and is much deserving of a hat-tip. I heard the 50 thousandth visitor is buying the first round ;).

I am changing my mind

I remember reading history textbooks and conversations that America was founded on many of the principles of the Enlightenment. As I am digging deeper, I am beginning to see that much is not in common. With the words of the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights, I find many ideas that flat out kick the Enlightenment in the shins. More to come on this note.


My favorite color is red. I am biased though. Why? Well, it is in my name. Good enough for me. It is also the name of a fish. I hope to see many in the igloos of the boats heading out to the ABC Fishing Tournament this weekend in Port O’Connor filled to legal capacity.

Short and sweet today, Family and Friends

Enjoy them.