Blogs » J.Q. Tomanek of Victoria » You can’t go wrong with these Father’s Day gifts


Don’t forget that Father’s Day is fast approaching. Below is a list of gift ideas for fathers that can be purchased here in the urban center of Victoria.

  1. It is summer time. The days are hot, kids are playing in the backyard pool, or in my case water sprinkler, you have a cold Abbey beer in your hand, and it is starting to cool down for the evening. What is missing? A new Weber grill for those fajitas, steaks, shrimp, and fish that are still frozen in the freezer. Weber or not you have a large backyard, nothing says “Thanks pops” like a grill that easily fit in a corner, garage, or shed.
  1. Of course that Weber needs something to put on it. It is hard to find a man that doesn’t like mystery. Throw a line with a croaker and wait to see what grabs the hook. That adrenaline rush is hard to beat. Don’t have a boat? Organize a guided fishing trip to the bay. This gives him the opportunity to be with friends on the water. These are a little expensive. An alternative is a new fishing pole, tackle, and the welcoming permission to take the night off and go catch dinner. If you want to give an in between priced item, a Waterloo rod and reel is gorgeous.

  2. If the father is a big child, like he enjoys playing games with the kids, go to the toy isle. This is pretty cheap gift. Nerf has some interesting water cannons. These are not your boyhood water pistols. With one refill, you can water your lawn for the week.

  1. Not many men will turn down hand tools. One of my favorite is a two tool combo by Makita. It is the 10.8 volt drill and impact driver. This little combo is like dynamite, small and packs a punch. I drilled a 3 inch wood screw into a four-by-four with ease using the impact driver. It is tiny, durable, and perfect for weekend honey-do projects. The father will be looking for things to fix rather than having to be asked 1,000 times. It also comes in a cool box for storage. He will surely be the coolest handy man in town with this addition. Check out how it compares to its Bosch competitor.
  1. Instead of enrolling him in the jelly-of-the-month club, try a variety pack of beers. Specs and HEB both have stepped up their quality beer lines. Don’t worry about buying the wrong one, it is meant to be an experience and finding the perfect brew. It can also add to Number 1 and 2.

Please add your own to the list in the comments. What were some great ideas, what are some cheap ideas, what were some bad ones? Don’t be shy, it may help some of us out!