Perhaps one of the greatest life instructions I received from my father was through example and word. Consistency is a key ingredient in work ethic as was taught to us through his example of a hard worker as expressed in the many days he was up at work before the sunrise. This is followed by the many sayings dealing with “Do you best.”

This life advice has shaped me to do many things I never thought possible. I remember growing up through the many sports and hardly ever having that “natural ability” of some athletes. One of the only advantages I had naturally was speed. Yes, this is good to have. But I didn’t have that touch for shooting baskets, that natural swing in the box, or Emmitt Smith 6th sense. However, my father gave me the skills of practice and coachability that can be applied to any area of life.

“Do your best” cuts to the heart of matter. You can be the best athlete, student, or worker and still do it without your bet effort. You can be the worst of the above and still do your best. It is a character thing. And as I have learned, to do anything half arse is mediocre. The worst knowledge of myself is knowing I did something without my fullest attention.

This is just one of the many things, though a very a important one, that my father passed onto to me for which I am very grateful. Although it is a few days early, I wish my father a great Father’s Day! Thanks Dad for all you have taught and provided!