Blogs » J.Q. Tomanek of Victoria » Father’s Day weekend with the Ugly Stick


Some can be so picky. Don’t you get so frustrated? You provide nutritious snacks and they just swim by without a care in the world. Apparently it was closed shop for anything other than live shrimp this past weekend. Of course, my guide told me this would be true, but we decided to head out to Indianola for whatever we could catch.


They were popping when we first started. We couldn’t load the bait fast enough. As soon as the line settled, we were pulling up the catch. Yes, I am talking about perch and dog fish. Not exactly Shamu, but still provided a good father/son trip. He enjoyed himself tons. Much thanks to the gentleman fishing next to us; he allowed my son to pull in a trout that he (the gentleman) hooked. I think that made his night.

If you haven’t been to Indianola pier, it is a nice fishing spot. It has all the amenities you need. Bait shop, convenient store and grill, lighted deck for fishing, covered patio, picnic tables, and bathrooms. It really makes fishing a no hassle. We didn’t catch any keepers, but it was good old fashion fun that I bet fathers have done since the dawn of creation.