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Greek Brothers

Wow, the place was rocking last night. It was Coastal Bend’s last gig, the final farewell as a band and they went out in style. Being part of the rowdy groupies, we sang along, danced, drummed, and hollered! What fun it was! Four songs that I will miss most: “Ease Your Worry Mind,” “Clever Lies,” “Rest of Our Lives,” and the song that I hope one day will be the theme for Victoria, “Victoria Days.” Maybe someone at the CVB or Chamber can make the recommendation! Last night’s diet? Seafood Platter and Sam Adams.

“I am concerned for your social health.”

Never backing away from turning an argument around, this was my response before somebody would tell me that “Smoking is bad for your health.” Yes, I get that. I can read and see. “But, Jared, your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit.” Yes, I get that. But our temples are places of smoke for it rises to the heavens as the prayers of the saints. How is it socially healthy? Well, last night I met two guys in town working for oil companies while I smoked outside. I seriously doubt I would have met them had I not smoked. Anyways, so long smoking, I will have to make do without you. Today is my last day. I am trying out Chantix for a second time. Last time, I quit for five months but was unprepared for a long Christmas break during the teaching year. Basically, I got bored and started again.

Two strangers

So there I was smoking outside of Greek Brothers. Two guys in the oil field were there and we struck a conversation. They were from Austin and Houston. They had no idea what they were getting into. Again, the explanation of Victoria as the hub and those bigger cities as our suburbs made for interesting perspectives. At first it made them think I was crazy. “How could Victoria be the hub?” We are small, they are big. But it was this differentiation that sparked interest in Victoria. We discussed the Six Flags theme and historical events that push Victoria way ahead of the pack. “I am staying in a hotel,” one said. I reply, “I didn’t ask where you are living now. I asked where do you want to live in Victoria, you know, when you move here?” He was probably never asked this question, but it made him start thinking, “Where would I live?” which is the first step for him to relocate here. I make no commission marketing Victoria, I just think it is a great place to raise a family and live.

Hero in our midst

If you miss this Advocate report, you need to read it. What a great story of living for another and gifting yourself to a stranger. Would Ayn Rand approve? If man is to "exist for his own sake, neither sacrificing himself to others nor sacrificing others to himself,” I would have to do some serious mind jumping to say she would. I realize some of her stuff is good and like a surgeon, I try to take the infected stuff and leave what is true. “But Jared, she speaks highly of the individual.” Yes, she does which perhaps makes her writings more dangerous and even mediocre. She takes one truth and puts it on a greater par with another truth, when both should be drunk together like Rum and Sprite rather than Rum or Sprite. As poison is given in small and unaware amounts and so ruins the good of the body, so false thoughts mixed with partial truths do the same for the mind. In a somewhat odd paradox of life, Ayn Rand, a professed atheist, was buried in Valhalla, NY. “Valhalla” is the name of an afterlife dwelling in the Nordic traditions.

Why would Rand’s idea be mediocre?

Well her “virtue of selfishness” is rather base. I mean, do we ever lift up heroes and heroines that only lived for themselves? Hardly, one thing definitely in common with the hero and saint alike is their constant gaze toward the other, their free gift of themselves to another subject, another person. Of course, there are possibilities that Rand means something else or she redefines terms to mean something else. Do I have an example? Yes, her definition of love is based on emotion. This is contrasted with love being a choice of the good for another. For man to be so focused on himself as she would proclaim, it seems rather odd that “I” am not able to see myself as easily as I am able to see you. Alright, enough rant on Rand.

Friends and Family

Enjoy them.