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A conversation recently observed. Names are made up to protect the identities.

Mr. AlwaysRight: Did you hear about Mr. DoingitSometimesWrong? He always thinks what he says and does is right. He said something about being an individual with rights to do whatever he wants.

Mrs. AllTheTimeCorrect: Mr. DoingitSometimesWrong is right. He is an individual and has the freedom to do whatever he wants.

Mr. AlwaysRight: What you are saying is two-sided. You cannot tell people what to do or how to live their lives on one side and telling me I am wrong on the other. Telling me Mr. DoingitSometimesWrong is right violates my own right to live freely. You are now telling me that I should live by your own thinking.

Mrs. AllTheTimeCorrect: What are you talking about? Nobody chooses to live their life wrongly because every choice is good, don’t you know that nobody has the truth and to think differently on this is forcing people to live by your thoughts?

Mr. AlwaysRight: That is bigotry. You are trying to convince me that what I think is wrong by saying every idea is good. If every idea is good because you cannot tell anyone how to live their life and then you tell me that my idea is wrong, then that sounds like bigotry. If nobody can know the truth,as you state, how do you know that what you say you know is true? Am I to believe what you say is true if nobody can know the truth?

Mrs.AlltheTimeCorrect: I am not a bigot. I allow all people to freely choose how to live their lives. That is the opposite of bigotry. Besides, I was going to call you a bigot for thinking you could tell people how to live their lives.

Mr.AlwaysRight: Don’t look too fast, but you are trying very hard to tell me how to live my life, in short you are being obstinate. Have you read the definition of bigotry? Let me read it to you: “stubborn and complete intolerance of any creed, belief, or opinion that differs from one's own.”

Mrs. AlltheTimeCorrect: See, I told you I wasn’t a bigot. See, it says, “intolerant of any creed, belief, or opinion.” I think everyone must respect each other’s individual choices and shouldn’t even make public that you disagree.

Mr. AlwaysRight: Is this your belief and opinion?

Mrs. AlltheTimeCorrect: Yes.

Mr. AlwaysRight: Does your belief and opinion differ with mine?

Mrs. AlltheTimeCorrect: Yes.

Mr. AlwaysRight: Remind me again how this is not bigotry.

Here recently, I have heard this word “bigot” being tossed around. Either we are all bigots or we are misunderstanding how to apply the word bigot. Are you going to tell me my belief is wrong?