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My little princess turns six this month. I think everyone that walks into her presence will know this fact by the 14th. Those once of year celebrations, the remembrance of the initial face-to-face encounter with the child that had been growing, developing, and learning for nine months, bring such joy and gratitude to parents. I look at this child of mine and think, “This is a ‘Great-Might-Not-Have-Been’” as G.K. Chesterton reminds us in regards to the existence of each person we come across.

So what will she be doing as part of her birthday? Well, yesterday she was invited to get a mani and pedi with Auntie D. According to Auntie D, the special place to get this will be at Woodhouse Day Spa. Needless to say, this little princess will be treated as royalty and partake of the ritual of finger nail painting and polishing and toe nail work because she will in fact receive a majestic inheritance because her Father is royalty.

Auntie D has this fantastic way with kids. Each of our children is always attracted like a magnet to her personality and person. Each of them want to show her the latest act, trick, or in the case of the princess, shoes. And there is the rub. Auntie D and her highness, even though she is only 3 foot and half, have shoes in common. No need to worry about finding a glass slipper, she was given the equivalent when she was dressed in that little white gown to mark her life of grace.

So hats off to Auntie D, she has brought an enormous smile to a little Lady. This little damsel will surely not spend the day in distress!