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During graduate school, a topic that always got heated was “Why do women get paid less than men?” A recent release of data by the Bureau of Labor Statistics as shown in this article showed on average that men make about $1300 per week and women make about $980 per week. These were the figures for men and women that are 25 years and older and attained a bachelors degree or higher. It did not compare the same position. So there are some issues comparing the data, for example if many women are going to earn a teachers degree while more men enter the engineering field, then there will be some discrepancies because industries differ in pay.

I did not see the data, but it is often said that all things equal, women make less for the same position than a man. The reasons range from “glass ceilings” to maternal care for family to sex discrimination and I am sure many others. I have my own thoughts on the reasons, but I would like to hear yours.

Why do you think women make less money than men? Statistics show that there are more women than men in college; do you think this will even out the salary paying field?

The same article linked above also made mention of women having their first child at a later age. Stay tuned for my thoughts on this; I don’t know if I will be able to blog on it tomorrow, but soon.