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With the advent of the Kindle and iPad, do you find it easier to read compared to books? What are your preferences between these two methods? I have some books on my iPhone, but I still prefer the ability to underline with pencil, write in the margins, and dog-earing. The electronic methods have similar functions but I find it not the same. Maybe it will just take getting used to.

Speaking of Liturgical calendar

Lent starts next week. I remember asking the high school students rhetorically, “So what are you giving up?” I remember reading their minds when that little bubble appeared above their heads that said, “I will give up candy.” After reading their minds, I said, “Have you always given up candy for Lent?” The bubbles say, “Every year.” I then say, “Will you consider trying some more than giving up candy this year? How about waking up earlier for morning prayer? Or getting to Mass an extra day per week? Or taking a shower with 10 seconds of cold water? Or a Saturday morning given to visiting the sick?” My point was to try to get the students to stretch their spiritual muscles.

Speaking of Lent: Carnival: So long meat

My friends and relatives in Trinidad will begin the days and night celebrations of Carnival in a few days. As the wiki article mentions, if the islanders are not playing carnival, then they are preparing for it. The attire, basically a bikini with intricate detail and design, may cost 1500-3000. Of course that is TT, the currency of Trinidad which equals about $240-$490 US. Carnival has its roots as a celebration that occurs before the holy season of Lent. Many believe that “Carnival” comes from the Latin “carne vale” which translates as “farewell to meat.” Needless to say, those in Trinidad are probably hydrating themselves with tons of water because come Monday at 4am, J’Ouvert begins. There won’t be any mud to be found in all Trinidad because everyone will be wearing it! I haven’t played Carnival yet, but I bet it is a sight to see rum-pickled people all dressed in mud in a huge party crowd. If I am not mistaken, the mud dressing came from the days of slavery and emancipation when the people covered themselves with mud to avoid being recognized. So if you ever travel to T-n-T for Carnival look for the Jab Jab, you may want to ask the Moko Jumbie if he sees any trouble coming, and you may want to learn to wine with your spouse before you go!

Friends and Family

Enjoy them.