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Tomorrow is Victoria Day in Austin. The bus leaves at 6:30 a.m. from Victoria and a crowd of Victoria citizens will be on the “Fast Road to Austin” to visit with state officials. This will be my first excursion on the trip and I am excited to experience it.

It is great the Chamber of Commerce is organizing this trip to make it easier for Victorians to travel together. I hope to have some great conversations on the road and be in solidarity with my local tribe as we march through the Capitol.

I will be on a mission. No, not San Jose or Conception silly. Those are located in San Antonio, but both are really cool places to see. Some of the attractions in our suburbs are very good to see. The mission trail in San Antonio is a “Hallmark of Progress” when you see all the things that these missions accomplished and taught to Native Texans. If you have never been on a tour of the missions, I recommend something I have yet to do myself but plan on it when I have older kids and that is to rent a bicycle from Blue Star Brewery after a nice lunch and microbrew. I will finish the tour where I began. If I wait until my youngest is 21, I will be able to share the experience with my children over fermented barley and hops. Now that is the type of trail riding I can handle.

Back to my mission for tomorrow. I plan on continuing my personal Victoria branding of living the urban life in the midst of our suburbs of Corpus Christi, Austin, San Antonio, and Houston. What each of our burbs has in common is a highway which is another reason Victoria is the hub. Each of our larger surrounding cities point to our county seat.

Have you ever been to Central Park in NYC? It is a very nice escape from the hefty busyness of the city. But the size of that park is nothing to the greenscapes that separate us from our suburbs. I typically find myself making small excursions into the countryside on weekends. I usually find myself on the Lower Mission Valley road making a wish list of a piece of land with acreage that will one day be my little farm. When I travel into the city, I usually make my way through Riverside Park and on through the residential areas also making a wish list of homes.

Austin has 6th Street, Corpus has Ocean Dr., San Antonio has the Riverwalk, Houston has some street that isn’t known to me off the top of my head, and all these have Victoria highway in common!