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I Heard it through the grapevine

“You are not the mother” was the statement I heard as I brought my children into Dr. Heard’s office. I was kind of glad to hear that I cannot be mistaken for my wife, after all she is about 5 foot tall and I hover above 6 foot. What are the chances? When I lived in San Antonio, I went to the dentist for a chipped tooth (those dang pistachios that I cannot put down). Anyways, I am sitting in the chair striking up a conversation with the dentist; by the way, it was random that I chose him. He asks, “Where are you from?” I respond, “Only the greatest city in Texas, Victoria.” He asks, “Do you know Dr. Heard?” I knew then and there that I was in the right office. Dr. Heard had been my dentist from the days of my youth. His gentle character and compassionate nature creates the least anxiety and fear whenever I walked into his office. I always remember he did the shaking lip thing when I would get a shot in the mouth which would minimize the injection’s pain. Even as a youth, he would walk me through any process he was undertaking.

Tooth fairies and cost of living

So the tooth fairy came to deliver for this girl pictured below. She wanted to know what the tooth fairy looked like. I said, “Nobody knows what he looks like.” She says, “Then how do you know he is a he?” This future TAMU-V graduate will be heading to law school. Asst. DA Jack McCoy on “Law and Order” could not have questioned my response so quickly! By the way, have you noticed the tooth fairy apparently hasn’t been told about the increase in cost of living? Geese Louise, I got a dollar for a tooth 25 years ago.

Little Leaguers

Baseball is meant to be a pastime. Lest you forget this fact, just drive up to a Little League practice for six year olds and witness the fun they have. Ahh, the smell of the glove and freshly cut grass brings back the memories of this and this.

Lenten Friday’s

These are days for abstaining for Catholics. No, not from the sacred and erotic bonds of the marital act. It is abstaining from meat. Although this teaching from meatless Friday’s has not been changed even for Friday’s outside of Lent, most Catholics have grown up abstaining from meat on Lenten Fridays. Why meat? Because of its carnality. Christ died on Good Friday, and it is His Flesh that bled and His Flesh that we consume. So Friday becomes the day that we abstain from meat as a reminder to long for the only Flesh that really matters. Eating fish becomes the practice which is also an ancient symbol for Christ, i.e. the ichthus.

Friends and Family

Enjoy them.