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Spring break begins, so I thought traffic would be less this morning. I knew the school crossing zones would be off and hoped for a quicker trip to work.

I passed the fire station number 4 on Salem and my son screams "Fire truck." His passion for priesthood has changed to being a fireman. Not too much difference if you ask me, both try to save people from fires, both have loud alarms (one has sirens, the other has bells), both wear cool uniforms that cannot be mistaken, both serve the community and offer themselves up for sacrifice, and both think training are hugely advantageous (the fireman with physical and work related, the priest with spiritual direction).

So I drop him off at his school/day care and I head toward the loop. On the morning of spring break, I run into foot traffic that I have to slow down to a halt. I think she was checking out some hardware or lumber at McCoy’s because it appeared she was coming from that direction and headed back home.

I must have missed the “Peacock Crossing” sign, but the crazy bird didn’t. She was just strolling along like she owned the road. I guess she thinks she can just use the street without concern for others. I could see her from a far walking across street and just as I was getting close to her, she decides to stop and smell the roses. I waited patiently while thumping my fingers on the steering wheel. I was thinking, “Any day now.”

I found myself realizing again, life is similar. We have all these plans, grand and beautiful, and but something happens to interrupt them sometimes. Sometimes it is pain or suffering, sometimes it is sickness, sometimes it is conflicting good things, sometimes it is nature and all these pinpricks of each day can shape us into a charitable and giving creature or we can allow them to mold us into a nightmare. Choose the former.

What are some of the daily pinpricks that test you? The alarm clock? Dropping cell phone conversations?