Blogs » J.Q. Tomanek of Victoria » The 7th Inning stretch is next, but not yet.


I bumped into an acquaintance this morning at the VEDC partnership meeting. She tells me that she is related to a great pitcher that carried the mid-nineties Flyers to its best record (up to that point) in history. In my books, this places our ace pitcher in category of another great STJ and legend, the National League Cy Young Award winner in 1990, Doug Drabek. By the way, did you know Drabek’s son, Kyle, plays for the Blue Jays? Some don’t make it to the pros, but I have little doubt that the talent was very similar at their representative ages. If Doug is reading, Jak se mas. Ahhh, come on, I can wish.

In a similar matter, I find my time in Victoria just before the 7th inning stretch. As any baseball fan knows, the 7th inning stretch is the time to get up, move around, bring life back to your legs, go get that hotdog, maybe a souvenir, and of course take your place in line at line.

Many cities are struggling to get by and there are not many that have been presented the opportunities we have been handed. I still remember the day Mr. Jones commented about Victoria’s wonderful community and can-do attitude which helped solidify Caterpillar’s decision to have Victoria hands produce one of the most sought after excavators from the top machinery corporation in the world.

Although Mr. Jones’ statement didn’t surprise me because I know Victoria steps-up to the plate, it was very nice to hear the affirmation of our community. Of course I am bias, I grew up here. But now is not the time to sip on the pina coladas, grab a nacho, or call for the peanut man.

The community is being called back to step in and our community has the best DH that I know. There are not a lot of towns that have the pride that Victoria has. I have visited many across our country of Texas and abroad into other states, but Victorians are the only ones I have seen that care so much about our small city. Victorians are in fact our little secret.