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"Pedo mellon a minno."

"Speak, friend, and enter." Those were the words that riddled the entrance of one of the scariest places in the world, Moria. In the midst of fear and trembling, the word was uttered to gain acceptance. Written as it was from ages before as if intended and waiting for this very fellowship.

"Where past and present are perfect 'friends.'" If I may take the slogan from the CVB and adjust it somewhat, I can describe what makes my city so incredible, as if it is the very existence of Rivendell where this fellowship was first forged.

Victoria is the place that brought us all together. Victoria is the town where I have met my friends and the place where I will surely meet many friends in the future. Last night was a wonderful example of meeting some friends of the future! “The quest stands upon the edge of a knife. Stray but a little and it will fail. But hope remains, if friends stay true.”