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Wow, Lent is cruising. Second Friday of Lent is upon us. Adios meat, hello pescado. I was catching up on some blogs I follow and found this guy who gave up all food for Lent. He went with a fantastic liquid only diet. In the tradition of some monks of past, his only consumption is beer.


Over on another article on the Advocate website, I was reminded of my junior year in high school when we watched “Beckett” in morality class. It has a classic scene where the bishop excommunicates an unrepentant person for killing a priest. If you haven’t seen the movie, it is a classic. Rent it over the weekend.


“Gig’em” Flounders or “Whooping” Cranes

With the announcement that A&M may take over UHV, I have thought about what would be some cool mascots. One that came to mind was “Flounders” given our proximity to this delicious fish. It could play well with “Gig’em.” Another could be the “Cranes.” This would play off the word “whoop” so many Aggies scream. Any ideas out there?

I am bragging

I have been enjoying “Words with Friends” for a couple of weeks. I played the word “badger” for a whopping 92 points! Think strategy when playing for better success.

Random Victoria Victoria’s coordinates are 28°49′1″N 96°59′36″W in case you ever get lost.

Boring Victoria?

Yea, right. Chris Cobler via Facebook mentioned a man was running around naked near my residence. I know the economy is tough, but man put some clothes on. I bet the police didn’t tell him to put his hands up when they surrounded him. Wow. Just wow.

Gratitude and Smallness

The Japan disaster has reminded how precious life is and grateful for the many blessings I have received. It has also reminded me that much of my stress and problems are so small when compared to those suffering across the Pacific. Can you imagine your father going into the nuclear plant to try to fix or repair it so that it won’t cause a much larger disaster and not knowing if he will come home to hold his wife or children again?

Friends and Family

Enjoy them.