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I have seen tons of power point presentations over my years through college, teaching, etc. I mean just that, “seen.” It is typical that a power point presentation puts me in “Zzzzz” land because they are almost always done in a way that promotes heavy eye lids. Then there are those power points that just dull the senses due to all the data. “Yes, look at row 49 and column 73. Because the number is hard to read let me tell you what it is.” Of course that number is one of 1000 numbers on the same page!

If you want to gain the most bang of the name “power point” it is by using pictures that speak to an audience with the presenter giving the story and its relation to subject matter at hand. Jason Milewski, Managing Director of Prautes Corporation, showcased, what is until now, the best public power point presentation I have seen in person. Words per page were kept to a minimum, colors were present, font was appropriate, no sounds that interrupt the message, moving images that reflect the subject matter, and of course pictures that tell a story and leave you with the information stuck in your mind.

Let me tell you the results. 10 minutes. The typical VEDC partnership meeting will last 30 minutes and not a single second longer. This is to assure those with 8 o’clock appointments can be on time. A powerful point was made and this created an atmosphere of a Q/A that lasted 10 minutes.

What was the point? The message was clear that Victorians are encouraged to voice their opinion as to which air service they desire. As it stands, Sea Port Airlines and United Airlines (Continental) are bidding to become the server for bringing people to and flying us out of Victoria. Both companies offer different packages, planes, destinations, etc. Sea Port Airlines offers: newer name (and marketing), no hassle flying, and cheaper prices. United offers: established name, connectivity and code share, and bigger aircraft.

On the flip side, Sea Port does not bring to the table: newness that can be a risk, no code sharing, and less funding. United has a higher price, not as conducive of a schedule, we will have less bargaining power.

There are more differences that were mentioned in the presentation. As Mr. Milewski mentioned, neither choice is the best of the best option for Victoria. United will be easier travel but Sea Port may be cheaper. One will fly to Houston, the other to Dallas. One will offer two flights per day, the other three.

Regardless of your choice, contact someone with the County, City, airport, chamber, or the VEDC for questions and let them know which of the airlines you would like.