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I just love those emails that ask me to send money because they are stuck in some part of the world. There is always some long list of reasons: passport missing, credit card stolen, computer lifted, in jail, on bond, etc. Some people may fall for these scams, for the rest it creates distrust of contact. For those that will send funds to unknown people that have been solicited for help, this post is not for you.

Something as simple as a scamming email creates an attitude of mistrust for the many that send emails that are legitimate. All those messages send to your inbox are competing for your attention. You have sent an email with proper use intended and it needs a response and it is sitting below some guys request for your bank account number so that he wire some funds to it and share his wealth with you.

What are some of the best methods that you have found sending email that gets the attention of the reader and calls for a response quickly? It is kind of tricky because emails don’t show emotions so a simple request can come across as badgering or negative with no intention of doing so.