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So over the weekend, our family was invited over for dinner. It was a treat for my wife and I as well as our children.

Our older kids were able to take part in some video games because for that part of the visit, they were the older kids. We don’t have a console type video game system because as my wife will testify, I myself would be glued to it.

Our youngest was able to play with another friend his age and they get along very well together. From monster trucks to kicking the ball, they seem to share and enjoy each other’s friendship.

Like most of life’s gatherings, this one was crowned with good beverages. We tried a Mexican beer called “Victoria” and wonderful margaritas with some kind of nectar. They were probably the best I ever had! I call the beer “good” and the ritas “incredible” because I cannot help but realize the food was so far beyond these drinks! I am curry fanatic. If you put me in an Indian eatery or curry cultured foods of Singapore or Trinidad, I would fall into the same result as if I had a video game player. I would never leave and be as if in a trance. Man, that was the best curry I have had!

Also like many gatherings, we had great hospitality and company. Conversations ranged from politics, child behavior, stories from childhood, schools, and religion. It was great fun. As I thought about the experience afterward, I realize the sharing of friendship, food, and drinks although ancient in practice is still a central event to human behavior and fulfills the longing for human community.