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As mentioned before in some prior post, Peter Senge is the modern master of sorts on systems thinking. Of course, he is considering systems thinking within organizations but it also applies outside of organizations.

It applies to our person which is perhaps the most complex system. The human person, although nearest to us, is also the most mysterious of physical creation. Part of the human person includes the body which is itself complex. A tweak here or a cut there creates another response. For example, I played golf one day and was sunburned. The sunburn affected my ability to stand up straight on Saturday. Yes, it hurt that bad. The burn also caused me to toss and turn for a couple of nights. Have you ever heard of suntan lotion? Ok, ok, ok, I am Bohemian.

My point being, my legs were hurt which did not only affect my legs but also my whole body in some form or fashion.

I was listening to a very good radio program yesterday that mentioned something similar to addictions. I know it is an obvious thing. The interesting part of the program was not the knowledge of addictions affecting the human system, rather what peeked my interest was that this particular behavioral program was having success helping addicts recover to the point of re-certifying even pilot’s licenses. The therapist mentioned that many addicts become so because they are trying to find satisfaction due to lack of proper relationships with the community, neighbor, family, etc. In this case, it is a type of self-prescribed medication to deal with pain in another part of the human person. If the human person does not find happiness through the proper channels of otherness, it is likely that the person will seek self-fulfillment to replace the void and many will choose objects or subjects that can be harmful to the self.