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Way back months ago (June 7, 2010 to be precise), I decided to give something a try. I was determined to create and continue a blog on “My interests...culture, economics, politics.” My goal was to try as hard as possible to keep things local and for the most part most posts fit into one those categories.

I grew up here in this urban center of Victoria and so I know many faces and names. Whether it was through school, playing sports, or working, I have been fortunate to meet many Victorians. Blogging here has opened a new avenue to meet many other people that I had not known and this is as the rest of my relationships, nothing short of miraculous for each of you are a “Great-Might-Not-Have-Been.”

Blogging itself has accomplished some personal goals of mine like being consistent with a project, continues to help me practice my thinking, writing, and written communication skills, and has led to many research tangents that I may have never tried.

For examples, our community’s poop locator, affectionately known as “BSspotter” spurred me to delve deeper in economics. The Queen of Victoria Blogging has created in me tremendous respect with her wide readership and successful posts. KyleC, Duke of Jackson County, has required me to make sure I am able to back up my words with a source. Sweet Rebecca has reminded me to think beyond arguments and seek change by creating relationships. Joseexist, resident blogger and artist, has inspired me to continue blogging about things that inspire me and so creates better work instead of popular but lacking in quality. Pilot, yes Pilot, who I have such a profound respect for, continues to pin prick me for my “Catholic Cult Channel,” but I still enjoy trying to dissect his comments when written in his style. By the way, these are just a few people that I have had the pleasure of dialoguing with online. I have met numerous others around town that I would probably have never known. As I have read, this is one the best aspects of blogging, the ability to meet new people that I may have never met when crossing my path in physical space. The coolest thing happened on Friday while I was playing golf. A person driving a beverage buggy stopped my request for some cold ones and asked if I was the “Jared” that blogs. It is an interesting question because I never know what is going to be the next statement when I say that I am. Will the person say “I hate your writing. I can’t stand your topics. I think you are full of...” More often than naught, I hear positive words and am always gracious to hear them.

This is my 200th or 201st blog; either way I figure I would celebrate given this closes the 200 mark or begins another. Of course it is not a secret that I am a huge fan of Coastal Bend, so to kick off the next hundred posts, I am giving away three cds to the first three responders of Coastal Bend’s latest album, “Forgotten Coast.” If would like one, just respond in the comments section or hit me up through the contact link on my user page. Some of the titles of the track include: “Rest of Our Lives” which is one of my favorites, “I’m Still Here,” and what I call the Mumphord’s Place song, “Serving You.”

From Krilljoy on youtube.