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Normally, I wake up and cannot remember my dreams. I suppose I dream still, I wake up rested, usually.

There was one night that I dreamed and woke up to remember it vividly.

While in college, there was a large group in the student center huddled around a T.V. The discussion was very positive, uplifting, and anticipatory. There was a guy in white with a small round hat, Polish accent, and old. He shook and drooled. He was a sign. He signaled that life is much more than what a person can do, rather a person is a being of invaluable worth in and of itself. As we sat there listening to him speak to hundreds of thousands of youth, his message was clear, if we wanted to know ourself, we must know Him. If we wanted to know the answer to life's most pressing questions, questions that have riddled mankind since we gazed into the starts and asked "Who am I? What am I here for? What is the meaning of life?" then we needed to draw close to Him that created us with "inalienable rights" as our country's forefathers proclaimed.

He was special to our heart. On one occasion during a papal audience, the litany of visitors were announced. "People from England. People from Spain. People from the Americas. Students from Steubenville." The pope stopped the announcer and spoke. "Steubenville, couragio. Steubenville, couragio." These words, the same spoken to many, "Be not afraid," will always be remembered and retold to the many young adults that will pass through the halls of a tiny little town with a university that sits on a hill, underneath the shadow of a large steel cross, and next to the Ohio river.

It was one morning about eight years later that I would wake up and remember the same white knight speaking to me. I remember that our family must have travelled to Europe to see him. As he was walking through a sea of people, he stopped and approached our family. In the dream, I still knew he did not know us personally. But he approached, and held our son. Then I heard the words that I will always remember, he said "This is Dominic." His words were a surprise because in the dream we had not met in the sense of introductions.

One of my favorite philosophers is a professor at Boston College, he is very clear and bold when he declares that this old man, with shakes and drools, who kisses the ground whenever he lands in a country, who have been the most seen person in history, who gathered more youth, who was a key player in the tumbling of Communism, both in Poland and Russia, who was nearly assasinated, lived, and forgave his neighbor who shot him, was the "greatest man in the worst century."