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Here is my list of the top five things that make Victoria great. Of course, my family being here tops the list, so I am going to list things that pertain strictly to Victoria.

  1. Size. I find Victoria a perfect size to raise a family. Everybody doesn’t know everybody, but everybody really does. Just yesterday I was at my son’s baseball practice and visited with a grandmother (owner of Jim’s) of one of the players. It turns out that she is responsible for my liking of jalapenos on my hamburger. It started when I marched in to Jim’s Big Burger and was asked if I wanted this topping. Now, this pepper is always on supply in the coolbox. Second example of size: Happy Birthday Denise Rangel. Every now and then I catch Joe Friar in the morning. As normal, birthday wishes are announced. When you can listen and often hear someone you know or know of listed, it should be a sign of community.

  2. History. We have it and many are proud of it.

  3. Location. Location. Location. Yes, our suburbs have many amenities that I wish we could have, but not many of them offer the collection we have at such amazingly close proximity. Outdoor sports are a good example.

  4. Hard-working culture. Hard-work may not always pay off, but don’t tell a Victorian. Typically, Victorians are not afraid to roll up sleeves and get dirty.

  5. Southern hospitality. It is very hard to miss this and perhaps one of the greatest attributes.
    Why do you consider Victoria great? What are some elements that make Victoria?