There is an old saying, “the bigger they are, the harder they fall.” I am speaking of the case of Joe Paterno, Jerry Sandusky, and the Penn State scandal.

A couple of weeks ago, a men’s group that meets early in the morning discussed human frailty. The big “C-word” came up, concupiscence. It is not an everyday term one hears, but everyone knows the idea. We, as humans, have this tendency to sin. Does Sandusky’s case surprise me? Of course not. Man, except prior to the Fall, has had this problem of choosing to commit evil. A guy half the world away committed more and worse crimes in the name of eugenics. Another guy killed a culture, murdered millions, and then coerced his citizens. Here in America we are confused when life begins and instead of protecting the weakest and most vulnerable, in the name of selfishness and license, we kill babies. We do the same Sandusky probably did, we simply pretend or try to convince ourselves that this wrongness is really good, “it protects a woman’s right.” However, in order to do this, we have to change what this person in the womb is because it doesn’t sound very nice to say “Women should be able to choose to kill their baby for any reason they want.”

There was a time when black people were not considered people either, or Jews, Catholics, terrorists that receive torture, homosexual oriented people, women and many more examples. Here is how the confusion goes: "The frailness of man has to redefine the person to commit this evil against them. Those are not black people, those are slaves or “my property.” Those are not followers of another religion; they are sub-human because everyone knows that atheists are the evolved man. Homosexual orientated people deserve to be treated horribly because they are not a person, rather they are gay. Those women are not people, they are sex workers or adult film/photography models." In a sense, committing sin against your neighbor makes the other person anonymous. See how it works? You have to disregard the human part to treat another evilly. Sandusky probably tried to convince himself that his abusive actions with these children were loving and consensual.

“If only defensive coordinators could marry this wouldn’t happen.” Sound familiar? It should. That was the formula proclaimed by our enlightened secularism and mouthpieces of the dictator of relativism to cure priests that abused children. Obviously marriage has very little to do with some kind of human frailty to choose this evil because Sandusky was married. No, the only cure to such illness is grace and a life of virtue which requires training and consistency. The grace part is a gift but must be accepted. This is one sense that grace saves. Grace has saved me from committing this crime or worse crimes against a weaker person. Have you ever been surprised when you heard that someone you looked up to failed? Did realize afterward that these people are not gods and are also still tempted and sometimes choose evil?