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Integrity of character is a shining star these days. It is like a breath of fresh air to speak with another that may or may not agree but you know they speak honestly. I would like to think each spouse is like that with each other. I would think it must be so to have a strong relationship because it must be built on trust. Friendship is the same. I have yet to meet a person that considers back-stabbing a wonderful way to get to know another person. Going to the doctor is also the same. I expect the doctor to tell me like it is so that the illness can be fixed or an attempt be made. Confession is the same. How can I expect forgiveness if I willingly omit certain sins?

Every now and then, you see integrity in a product. The marketing says exactly what you will get. You walk up or under a product and your mouth words something. Then you look closely and see that your words are exactly what it is marketed as. Take this for example.


I have seen this fan before at Brackenridge Main Event Center. The first time I saw it, I said to myself “That is a big ass fan.” Then it hit me when I inspected the name, “The Big Ass Fan.” Afterward, I said to myself, “I knew it.”

The picture above came from my children’s school gym. I thought it funny how they censored the word “ass” as can be seen via the black stripe. I just don’t think I would have remembered the name “Big Donkey Fan.” There is just something about “The Big Ass Fan” that sticks.