I would be an awful band manager. The reason would be obvious; I would only schedule performances in which I could easily attend. As the venues continue to open shop here in Victoria, I could easily be Coastal Bend’s band manager. They could play Wednesday through Saturday. The only catch in my contract would be: playing in Victoria and the surrounding area within no more than 50 minutes. This way it would include a possible performance at the brewery in Shiner, wine headquarters in Refugio, Mediterranean bar and grill in El Campo Victoria, and Victoria downtown, trendy bar on the coast, and maybe even beach tunes on the Charm of the Texas Coast.

Then there will be the normal performances in the Victoria. This past weekend, two such opportunities were presented, both with different crowds. I will not say which was my favorite venue, but will say that each were unique and enjoyable.

Friday night, Coastal Bend played at the new PumpHouse in the park. I never had the chance to see the Pumphouse before it was converted and this was my first time to visit, but it does look fantastic. It is unique among other establishments in its views. For example, as far as I know, it will be similar to the Oak Room in that it will be one of two spots in town that will be perceived differently in night and day. We sat just above the band in an elevated platform that overlooks the Guadalupe. During the evening you see shadows of the river below and with light you will see the water flowing. Similar to locally owned restaurants in our suburbs, it has that a classy mystique. I did not get the feel that it is solely coat and tie fancy, rather it is a comfortable setting for a nice pair of blue jeans and tucked shirt. It has the feel that a couple’s engagement or two or ten will definitely take there. The band played really good and the set list included a number of songs from their newly released track.

Saturday night, the band treated us at 77901. I don’t know if you have been there yet, but this place is also a great place to meet with friends. I enjoy the setting of its bohemian arrangement. The staff is very welcoming and offers great customer service. Our little party enjoyed two cheese plates which were delicious. Of course my wife and I enjoyed a sarcastic conversation over which painting we would choose to have; realize that many of these paintings are huge and would obviously never fit in our house. This particular event was to celebrate the release of their new CD. Each CD is a bit different; my favorite two songs on this track are sung by DeeDee Hudson and are called “Jerk Me Around” and “Baton Rouge.” The album is now available on iTunes too. It was a last second decision, but we decided that camping out in front of 77901 was not such a good idea because we had to pick up the kids from Ma’s house and girl scout camp-in. We were lucky that we got good seats when we did because the place was packed.

When will you see them again? Right now:


Haha, I know. Well, if they hire me for band manager, you can bet it will be sooner than later. Thanks Coastal Bend for some great times over the weekend.