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One of my all-time favorite pious traditions in my Catholic Faith is the story of St. Peter, our first pope, heading away from Rome and meeting our Lord. As St. Peter is walking the Appian Way, he crosses the path with Jesus heading to Rome. Peter asks, “Quo vadis?” Our Lord responds, “Eo Romam iterum crucifigi”. What else to do you expect Peter to do? I mean the man who changed his life forever, who once called him on the shore to “Put out into the deep and lower your nets for a catch” is showing him to go to back to Rome and witness his faith by dying a horrible death of crucifixion, upside down. In today’s liturgy, we hear the same words spoken nearly 2000 years ago. It is no secret that followers of The Way were persecuted. Listening to St. Ignatius of Antioch, the teacher on martyrdom, gives a glimpse of the trials of the early Christian community. Father Bob reminded us of this story of St. Peter this past Sunday, and I would have to say, it was one of the best relays I have ever heard on it.

Though not Jesus, the same question is asked by Dave Matthews, “Where are you going?” It seems it is a common question that haunts the mind and heart for man. It is one of those eternal questions that men of antiquity asked. Even today’s progressives ask it. It is one of those questions like “Who is man?” that education is supposed to help each person understand.

As our Lord responded to St. Peter, He also whispers to us. He is going to Rome, "'I AM' is going to be crucified again." That is the Christian’s witness, to be crucified with Our Lord for no greater love has a man than to die for a friend, and we are friends of God. This is what we do when we sacrifice our fallen nature, seek formation in virtue, and put on Christ; we die to the old self and because we are members of Christ’s priesthood, we do what every priest does, we offer sacrifice. We imitate our High Priest by giving our life so that it becomes as Creed sings “My sacrifice” and like Him who was lifted up on a cross, we ask Him as Creed also asks, “Can you take me higher?” for this question is the same as “Quo vadis?”

How do we do this in our post-modern secular world? How do we begin to sanctify our life? How does a Christian man respond to our Lord’s call 2000 years after His Resurrection? On September 21st, two days before dove season opens, the program “That Man is You” will be offered at a local parish to give some answers to these questions, ask for details.

Check your GPS, pull out the map, open your compass, where are you going?