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Collective bargaining

“Do you support the police department’s efforts to unionize?” Considering I am believe in the freedom to associate, I would say of course. In and of itself, it is a tool or instrument. Whenever employees are not treated the way they would like to be treated, one step on the ladder rung to achieve their goal is to form a bigger voice to be heard. As a moral capitalist, I see how it can affect taxpayers or the market. My advice is not to make unions illegal, rather for owners to make a workplace so respectful of the human person that there is no reason for your employees to desire it. Leadership is more than tag line or nice word, it is necessary for sustainability.

Scarce resources

Time. Don’t forget time. As for now, people cannot bilocate unless you are Padre Pio. Training and development, communication, get-the-job done, creativity, etc. all compete with this resource. When the balance appropriate to the human person is avoided, expect a sort of Newton’s Law to occur.

Labor Day

Brings to mind smiles nine months prior.

Football Friday

Go Joe!

Friends and Family

Enjoy them.